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    In early September 2000, an international group of senior academics from the region met at the International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the possibility of forming a regional association for institutional research. Since then, the SEAAIR had prospered to become one of the most influential AIR affiliated groups for institutional research professionals. For more detail, CLICK HERE


    SEAAIR 2018 Jakarta SEAAIR 2019: The 19th Annual Conference, in Taipei, Taiwan

    Please mark your calendar for the SEAAIR 2019 Conference (September 25 to September 27, 2019). This premier annual conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan.

    Theme: Transforming Intelligence into Action in IR


    1. Quality Assurance: Practices, Impacts and Outcomes
    2. Advanced Technology and IR Application: Social Networks, Data Warehousing and Data Collection
    3. Institutional Governance: Enrollment, Social Mobility and Higher Education Accountability
    4. Teaching Dimensions and Possibilities: Innovations, Performance and Assessment
    5. Research Institutionalization: Systems, Dissemination and Utilization

    From networking with peers to presentation sessions by leading experts in the field, the annual conference is the must attend event for academics, educators, researchers and practitioners in higher education.

    JIRSEA 3rd Edition


    The SEAAIR Executive Committee (SEC) is proud to present the 3rd issue of JIRSEA that is dedicated to The Best Paper presented at the SEAAIR Conference of that year and five "Outstanding Papers" presented at the same conference. It is scheduled to publish online for the first time in December 2017.

    The selection of these papers follow a set of objective criteria, approved by SEC and carried out by SEC members present at the conference. Like the other two JIRSEA editions, this third issue will also be SCOPUS indexed and thus rigorously selected and prepared.